Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Frequently Asked Questions

A Wedding is a priceless event that can't be redone. It is so important that we capture it to show friends and family. Here are some questions and answers you should know before you hire Ultimate Wedding Studios for your wedding.


Q: What type of lighting do you work with?

A: The ceremony will be ajusted for lighting before the event, likewise for the reception. A camera may have a light on it, or an assistant with portable lighting. We only use the best, and only if needed. Depending on location, existing light may have to be used.

Q: How will the videographer be dressed at the wedding?

A: Our crew is dressed for a wedding. The men wear tuxedos and the women wear black appropriate dresses.

Q: Do you have sample videos I can see?

A: Yes, there are clips on this site. However if you contact us we will be more than happy to send you a few samples of the final product or have you come to our office and view full resolution samples.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: We have been doing Weddings for the past 12 years.

Q: What packages do you offer?

A: We offer both SD and HD packages. They can all be seen in the Wedding Packages section.

Q: Do you use Professional Quality equipment, accessories and supplies?

A: Yes we do, we only use the best and buy the best. We have professional editors with years of experience with Wedding & TV broadcasting.

Q: How many cameras do you use?

A: All of our cameras are completely digital. We have 5 HDV cameras that are capable of shooting 1080i for the HD home theater experience. For SD we shoot in DVCAM.

Q: Do you have back-up equipment that is comparable in quality to the original?

A:Yes, we have 2-3 HDV cameras just for back-ups (depending on the package selected), we also have backup microphones.

Q: Do you use wireless microphones?

A: Yes, it is placed on the groom to pick up the couple and the Priest, Pastor, Rabi, etc. For an additional charge, the bride may have her own wireless microphone. During the reception it will capture the bride and groom's interaction with guests. Don't worry, we can edit out Aunt Sally's speech.

Q: Do you offer Non-Linear Digital Editing?

A: Yes we do. Our studio is equipped with Apple PowerMac G5's for faster video encoding and editing.

Q: Do you copy-protect or scramble the media?

A: No we do not, if it is required/requested we can copyright the disc for an additional fee.

Q: What are your guarantees and liabilities?

A: See Contract

Q: Do you have a written contract?

A: Yes we do. A copy of the contract can be found here. Everything will be gone over with you to ensure full understanding on both sides.

Q: Are you unobtrusive?

A: Yes, as much as possible depending on each location. We have had many people complement us on how well we captured the event, yet stayed out of the way.

Q: Will the Videography interfere with the proceedings in any way?

A: No, we are there to capture the event. We will already have a schedule of events, so you will never be waiting for us either.

Q: How much do you charge for additional hours beyond the agreed contract?

A: Additional hours are at a rate of $100 per camera. Depending on package, this is rarely needed.

Q: Do you work with the Photographer to ensure mutual cooperation?

A: Yes, we are very easy to work with. We have a mutual goal, to capture the event the best we possibly can, For You.

Q: Are you there throughout the entire reception?

A: This is determined by what package is selected.

Q: Will you go to a location (like the beach or a park) without additional charge?

A: Yes, depending on what package you have selected, or if other arrangements have been made prior to event. There is a fee to shoot at additional location(s).

Q: How much are additional copies of the wedding tapes?

A: Each Package comes with 3 DVD's each additional DVD is $50.00. Discounts on 5 or more additional copies.

Q: Do you have references that I can call?

A: Yes, please call us for refernce information.